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Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Concentrator XY-XS

Molecular sieve XP-XS is sodium form aluminosilicate zeolite that is specially designed for medical care oxygen concentrators. Contact us today and learn more!

Learn Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Concentrator XY-XS

zeolite molecular sieve

Oxygen Molecular Sieve XY-XS, a sodium-based zeolite molecular sieve specifically designed for efficient oxygen generation in small-scale Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) medical oxygen concentrators. Its optimized pore structure and selective adsorption properties make it ideal for producing high-purity oxygen for medical and respiratory therapy applications.

Technical Specifications

Bead Size
Bulk Density
N2/O2 Selectivity
N2 Adsorption Capacity
wt, %
Residual Water Content
wt, %


  • Molecular sieve XY-XS adsorbent is mainly used for small medical care oxygen concentrator
    with PSA method and can generate oxygen with purity of 93±3%.


  • ​25 kg air tight steel drum with inner aluminum foil bag

  • Custom packing available upon request

Storage and Handling

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid contact with incompatible materials like strong acids and bases. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment when handling.


  • The moisture content, packing, and size can be customized according to your specific requirements.

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