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Silica Gel and Zeolite Molecular Sieve Applications

The use of silica gel desiccant, zeolite molecular sieve offers versatile solutions for moisture and gas purification in various industries. Silica gel desiccant efficiently absorbs moisture, while zeolite molecular sieve provides exceptional adsorption capabilities for moisture, gases, and odors. Explore the benefits of these advanced materials and contact us to discover how they can enhance your processes and products. 

Typical Use of Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve

Explore the practical applications of silica gel and molecular sieve in various applications. Discover their role in drying and dehydration for optimal performance in various products and settings.

oxygen concentrator zeolite

Zeolite molecular sieves are used in oxygen generation systems. Their selective adsorption properties enable efficient separation, ensuring high-purity oxygen production.

oil bleaching with silica gel sand

Silica gel sand decolorizes and deodorizes oil, removing impurities and oxides, producing clear, stable oil without acid or heating.

polyurethane adhesive

Molecular sieve powder serves to adsorb moisture in polyurethane reactions, preventing problems resulting from isocyanate-water reactions, thus ensuring product quality and stability.

silica gel breather

Silica gel breathers prevent moisture ingress, safeguarding transformers by maintaining insulation integrity and prolonging lifespan, ensuring reliable electrical power distribution.

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