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Premium Silica Gel and Zeolite Molecular Sieve for Your Choice

Discover the versatility of premium Silica Gel and Zeolite Molecular Sieve in diverse applications such as moisture control, air & gas drying and purification, oxygen generation in diverse applications. Contact us for recommendation to ensure you get the right and most economic products!

zeolite moeclar sieve
zeolite molecular sieve

Zeolite Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve is high-performance adsorbent renowned for its exceptional kinetic gas adsorption and separation capabilities. It finds widespread application across industries such as air separation, oxygen generation, hydrogen purification, natural gas, ethanol, ethylene, and propylene dehydration, as well as refrigerant and air brake systems. Click and learn more of our products in the following:

zeolite molecular sieve

Oxygen Molecular Sieve

Zeolite molecular sieve is widely oxygen generation systems including medical care oxygen concentrators and industrial big oxygen generators. The nitrogen adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve is much larger than that of oxygen molecules that make it possible to get high purity oxygen with PSA or VPSA methods. Click and learn more of our products in the following:

oxygen molecular sieve
molecular sieve powder

Molecular Sieve Powder

Molecular Sieve Powder is zeolite powder after calcination in high temperature. It consists is crystal aluminosilicates featuring well-defined three-dimensional pores tailored to specific molecule sizes like water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Smaller molecules fit within the pore diameter and are adsorbed, while larger ones are excluded. Activated Molecular sieve powder is widely used to remove water and other contaminant contained in solvents and additives to improve product quality and extend pot life of polyer system. Click and learn more of our products in the following:

molecular sieve powder
white silica gel

White Silica Gel

Silica gel is a granular, porous form of silicon dioxide (SiO2) that is widely used as a desiccant. It is known for its high adsorption capacity, which allows it to absorb moisture from the air, making it an excellent substance for controlling humidity. This property makes silica gel a common component in moisture control packets found in various products such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging. Click and learn more of our products in the following:

white silica gel
Silica Alumina Gel
Silica Alumina Gel

Silica Alumina Gel

In comparison with fine-pored silica gel, the adsorption capacity of fine-pored silica alumina gel is quite the same when used at low relative humidity, while its adsorption capacity at high humidity is higher than that of fine-pored silica gel. We have two types of silica alumina gel, the general H type and WS (water resistant) type.​Click and learn more of our products in the following:

color silica gel

Color Silica Gel

The Color Silica Gel series caters to precise moisture absorption and humidity indication requirements. Blue Silica Gel features distinctive blue or light blue glassy particles, offered in lumpy or spherical forms. Upon moisture absorption, it transitions from blue to red, offering a visible indicator of relative humidity levels. Orange Silica Gel provides a cobalt chloride-free option, changing from orange to green based on humidity levels. Similarly, Red Silica Gel, also cobalt-free, showcases a purple-red or orange-red hue when moist, serving as a dependable indicator of drying or humidity levels.

color silica gel

Oxygen Generation

Hydrogen Purification

Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Air Dryer

Flower Drying

Cat Litter

Transformer Breather

Container Drying

Polyurethane Moisture Removal

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