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Premium Silica Gel Desiccant and Molecular Sieve China Supplier

Your reliable desiccants and adsorbents supplier: silica gel and zeolite molecular sieve.

Silica Gel Desiccant and Molecular Sieve We Supply

Our supplied bulk industry adsorbents and desiccants such as silica gel desiccant, zeolite molecular sieve, activated alumina, carbon molecular sieve from China. They effectively capture impurities and moisture, ensuring enhanced performance and longevity in industrial processes and applications.

Silica Gel Desiccant and Molecular Sieve Application

Silica gel desiccant, zeolite molecular sieve find extensive applications in various industries, including oxygen generation, nitrogen generation, gas drying and dehydration, gas purification.

molecular sieve and activated alumina

Molecular sieves play a crucial role in oxygen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) generation by selectively adsorbing nitrogen, ensuring the production of high-purity oxygen.

Molecular sieve powder serves as moisture scavenger to adsorb moisture in polyurethane reactions, preventing a serious of problems resulting from isocyanate-water reactions. thus ensuring product quality and stability.

Molecular sieves, silica gel desiccants, color silica gel, molecular sieve powder are widely used in drying processes, effectively adsorbing moisture and impurities to maintain optimal conditions in various industrial applications.

Utilized in gas purification, molecular sieves, silica gel desiccant efficiently adsorb impurities, moisture, and contaminants, ensuring high-quality and purified gases for diverse industrial applications.



A Professional and Trustable Bulk Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve Supplier

SUZHOU XIAOYOU is a professional desiccants and adsorbents manufacturer and supplier locates in China, serving the international markets various bulk industry adsorbents and desiccants white silica gel, Color silica gel, zeolite molecular sieve beads and pellets, molecular sieve powder, etc. With rich knowledge and experience in the adsorbent industry for more than 10 years, XIAOYOU will provide the customer with good quality, good price and best service!


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