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Oil Bleaching Using Silica Gel Sand

Silica gel sand effectively removes impurities, oxides, and odors from oils, decolorizing and deodorizing them, transforming blackened oils into light-colored, transparent, and stable liquids suitable for various applications, including diesel and vegetable oils.

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Choose the Right Type of Silica Gel Sand

Don't know which type of silica gel sand fits your oil bleaching? Read the following details and find the one most suitable for your products.

How to Oil Bleaching Using Silica Gel Sand?

Bleaching with silica gel sand involves mixing oil with silica gel and filtering. This process removes impurities, oxides, and odors, producing a decolorized, deodorized, and purified light-colored, stable oil.

Firstly, place the silica gel sand into the filter. Pour the oil to be filtered into the filter, allowing it to pass through the silica gel sand layer. The silica gel sand adsorbs impurities, oxides, and certain odors from the oil. This process integrates impurity removal, deodorization, and decolorization, effectively transforming blackened oil into a light-colored, transparent liquid. The treated oil meets national fuel standards and retains stability over long-term storage. This method simplifies traditional processes by eliminating the need for acid or alkali treatments and heating, reducing processing time and costs.

Select Silica Gel Sand for Oil Bleaching

Choose the right silica gel sand for your oil products, ensuring the finial products qualified quality and high poformance.

Our product simplifies decolorization by filtering impurities and oxides without acid, alkali, or heating. It decolorizes, deodorizes, lowers sulfur and acid content, and adsorbs water, producing light-colored, clear, stable oil that meets national fuel standards, reducing processing time and costs.

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