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Understanding Different Types of Silica Gel Desiccants

Silica gel desiccants play a crucial role across various industries due to their exceptional moisture absorption capabilities and stability. Based on the pore size, silica gel desiccants can be categorized into three types: fine-pored silica gel (Type A), medium-pored silica gel (Type B), and coarse-pored silica gel (Type C), each with unique characteristics and applications.

1. Fine-Pored Silica Gel (Type A)

Also known as A-type silica gel, it is a transparent or semi-transparent granular substance, available in spherical and block forms. Composed mainly of silicon dioxide, it is insoluble in water and inorganic salts. With high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, and a mild and stable nature, fine-pored silica gel is safe and reliable. It exhibits physical adsorption during the absorption process, posing no harm or odor, and is non-toxic to human health.

This type of silica gel is regenerable and boasts excellent moisture absorption properties. It is primarily used for drying various industrial gases, such as air and oxygen, as well as organic gases. Additionally, it is widely applied in the storage and transportation of products across industries like electronics, instruments, machinery, textiles, leather goods, luggage, footwear, and sports equipment to control relative humidity and prevent moisture damage, mold, and corrosion. Moreover, it is utilized for the dehydration and purification of organic products and for regulating air humidity, including the adsorption of flammable and explosive gases like acetylene from compressed air.

silica gel desiccant

2. Medium-Pored Silica Gel (Type B)

Known as B-type silica gel, it appears as milky white transparent or semi-transparent spherical or block granules. This type of silica gel is mainly used as a liquid adsorbent, air humidity regulator, desiccant, catalyst and carrier, and fragrance carrier, among other applications. It is also employed in the production of silica sand, pet bedding, whitening agents, and serves as a raw material for fine chemical products like chromatographic silica gel.

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3. Coarse-Pored Silica Gel (Type C)

Identified as C-type silica gel, it is a milky white granular substance, available in both spherical and block forms. Its main component is also silicon dioxide, which is insoluble in water and inorganic salts. Coarse-pored silica gel is primarily used for drying various industrial gases, such as adsorbing organic acids and moisture in transformer oil, high molecular weight proteins in industrial fermentation processes, and multivalent harmful elements in water. It also finds extensive application in pharmaceutical purification and separation, moisture-proofing of items, pet breeding bedding, and as a catalyst carrier. Furthermore, coarse-pored silica gel serves as a foundational raw material for the further processing of fine silica gel products.

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different models of silica gel desiccants vary in moisture absorption performance, applications, and scope of use. Users can select the appropriate silica gel desiccant based on specific needs to achieve optimal drying effects.

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